Monday, February 19, 2007

Where have I been?

Well actually I have a good excuse. I have been hired from the City of Tempe as a Police Property Technician and the last two weeks have been exhausting! I am not used to getting up in the morning at 4 AM to be at work at 6 AM. I work a Monday thru Friday 9-80 shift which means that every two weeks I work nine hours a day for eight days, then eight hours for one day and one day in the week off. I used to get every other Monday off but it was recently it was changed to Friday so that now I can go to some estate sales. Woo Hoo! I have been experimenting with some new items for my shop so I haven't totally been neglecting my work.

This is a pillow I made yesterday that I just totally love. This morning I realized that I forgot to quilt the top so I am unsure of whether I'll take it apart or leave it like this.

These are a couple of collages I made that are currently hanging in my bathroom.

This is a crocheted blanket that I am working on that I do when my hands want to do work but I am completely brain-dead.