Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Only 363 days to go!

I am so grateful that Christmas is over! On Christmas, I received the best card from my boyfriend which I will post tomorrow. Libby made breakfast for the family and in the afternoon we all went over to my half-brother's house to party with his family. Not long after we arrived Libby found Ashley's (my niece) American Idol mic and started singing. Here she is with Ashley playing piano in the background.

Later on in the afternoon my half-brother Scott wanted to take a family picture by a lake that was close by. After much debate between my father and him we hauled ourselves down there to discover that the entire area was covered in duck poop. None of us had ever seen so much crap in our lives but Scott still wanted to take the picture. On the way home Scott ran out of gas in his car and had to have his sister and brother-in-law bring him some more.

Aunt Betty, Bryn, Bryn's children, Andee, and their boyfriends finally showed up. I was glad because I had made Aunt Betty a Black Santa cake since she didn't have a man to go home to this year.

As the day continued into evening Libby had more wine and continued to butcher Christmas carols. For a small preview of the torture we experienced please click on this link.

All in all it was a good Christmas. I am very glad that we have 363 days until the next one!

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